Summer Life

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I can’t sleep, you’re not here.

My six word story.


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"The trees that cared for us each day disappeared.
The trees that gave us life and happiness.
They disappeared like an
We all hurt and missed the one thing that kept u alive and happy
And without even knowing it
They left forever.
They cared for us for so long but no matter what we did we killed them and burned them from the inside out
And when we realized
It was too late
And they were gone.”



This will make you feel better

Adrian Ghenie

Clear your mind here

This will make you feel better
The fighter

A true fighter is not someone on t.v it’s not any one of those people who get a belt and money. A real fighter is someone who HATES to fight a real fighter is someone that is afraid of there own power a real fighter is someone who’s felt bones crack and hears real crys of pain and agony a real fighter has a pain that no one will understand. A real fighter has seen a person in the eye and see the there eyes robbed soulless away a real fighter has nightmares constantly from the pain he’s caused a real fighter is a curse. A curse that can never be undone it’s like nothing else. Everything else can never compare to the person own fear of there own power and destruction. A fighter is not something I ever wanted to be. A true fighter is someone who’s felt pain beyond many. A real fighter does not feel anymore. A real fighter never shows his true feelings a real fighter is not afraid of death. I am a true fighter and I always will be. I hope you never choose to be a fighter because it will haunt you. I am a fighter please save me.



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